Office: 610-431-2077


  • Management and Leadership counsel
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing and Business Development Planning
  • Customer/client surveys
  • Succession Planning
  • Planning and facilitating retreats
  • Evaluating potential sales, mergers and acquisitions
  • Serving on the Board of Directors
  • Providing interim/crisis management
  • Recruiting senior executives

Bob Denney is personally in charge of all engagements. He frequently involves one or more of his Associates on the client service team as needed.

What clients and others say:

  • “I don’t know where we’d be if you hadn’t started working with us a year and a half ago.”
  • “Bob and his team quickly gained a complete understanding of our company’s operations. They worked extremely well with our people at all levels.”
  • “Thank you Bob for your help and guidance. There is no doubt but that{your} preparation for and participation in the retreat benefited the firm. Your experience was invaluable.”
  • “We engaged Bob to do a very sensitive assignment. He handled it with extreme professionalism. His recommendations were adopted and are still in effect today.”
  • “Bob’s warmth and intellect have always created strong bonds with clients. I am always proud to say I know and recommend Bob and his colleagues.”
  • “Your analysis and recommendations were excellent. You and your team came up with things we’d never thought of.”
  • “Unlike other consultants we’ve used, you helped us implement the changes we needed to make.”
  • “Your energy and follow-through are amazing. You really care about your clients.”